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Why Should I Rent a Vehicle on my Visit to the Bahamas?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Likely the first reason to spring to mind is, of course, convenience. Go where you want when you want. The freedom to explore Nassau, Paradise Island and Freeport according to your schedule is yours when you rent a car, SUV or van from Avis Rent a Car.

It can also be a matter of practicality; if you are traveling with multiple family members and plan on sightseeing, an Avis vehicle could be just the answer to a myriad of taxi fares. For some destinations, such as Grand Bahama's Freeport, the island is quite large which makes renting a vehicle from Avis that much easier of a decision.

Finally, why choose Avis? Simple: you want a quality vehicle at a reasonable rate. Avis only uses the newest models of vehicles in our fleet to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. The peace of mind you will have while exploring the Bahamas, knowing you have a company like Avis Rent a Car providing your transportation needs.


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